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Einat Ofri Landa

A senior psychotherapist and analyst, a senior Jungian analyst, lecturer and workshop facilitator

Einat Ofri Landa is a graduate of the Tel Aviv Music Academy; she holds degrees in Music and Philosophy (B.A., Tel Aviv University) and Expressive Art Therapy (M.A., Lesley College, Boston, USA, specialization in Music Therapy).

Einat is a Senior Psychotherapist and Jungian Analyst, working as lecturer, supervisor and workshop leader. She spends part of her time as a researcher and lecturer on C.G. Jung's teachings and on the link between art and mental processes.
Einat conducts extensive teaching and training activity, being a highly experienced individual therapist, parent supervisor, therapist trainer and therapist supervisor;

She serves as a Chief coordinator of the Jungian Psychotherapy Program, Rupin Academic College, Israel; a trainer in the Jungian Analytical Psychology Training Program in Israel; a lecturer in different Jungian psychotherapy schools; a lecturer in the Academic College of Arts and Society, Netanya, Israel and in the Ono Academic College.
Einat practices in her private clinic in Ra'anana, Israel.

For the last 30 years, Einat has worked with various affective disorders and difficulties, including anxiety, depression, personal and interpersonal crises, sexual abuse, trauma and post-trauma, affective regulation disorders. In her clinical work, she applies a psychodynamic approach combined with multidisciplinary techniques, such as active imagination,music and intermodal expressive art therapy and dream interpretation.

Einat is a member of the Israel Jungian Association; she is accredited by the Israeli Social Security and by the Israeli Ministry of Defense; she is a member and a supervisor in the Israeli Association for Creative Arts Therapies (YAHAT).